Build Your Customer Journey Roadmap with Microsoft Dynamics

Taking the time to map your customer journey is a great way to help you better target your marketing, support the sales funnel, align sales and marketing to the same conversion plan, improve customer experiences, and identify problem areas in your funnel. Getting a map together can take time and effort, but the payoff is a stronger, data-driven marketing and sales strategy that everyone can agree on.

In this guide, you'll learn how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sales or Customer Engagement to build a customer journey map that will help you create better targets and segmentation strategies for your marketing automation platform, digital campaigns, account-based marketing efforts, and more.


Who's the emfluence Marketing Platform?

The emfluence Marketing Platform is a hybrid marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics. Featuring email, landing pages, surveys, social media, website tracking and more, our marketing software is a Dynamics marketer’s dream. Deep enough to leverage Dynamics data but built on a standalone platform designed with a marketing user in mind, emfluence’s integration merges two best-in-breed solutions to deliver outstanding performance, usability, and flexibility.